Gay Women’s Network condemns hateful, transphobic views

London, 09 July 2018 – The Gay Women’s Network (GWN), a network of c.1,500 LGBTQ+ professional women in London, was shocked and concerned that an unregistered, hateful anti-transgender group was able to hijack the Pride in London parade.

GWN totally condemns the views expressed by this group and their hate-filled, offensive transphobic leaflets.

GWN is proud to support Pride in London and very much welcomes their statement of apology, their denouncing of the views of this group and that they are reviewing procedures to prevent this from happening again.

Zoë Chowney, the first openly transgender co-chair of GWN added: “GWN proudly welcomes and supports all LGBTQ+ women however they gender identify. Pride is a very important and powerful movement to promote love and acceptance for everyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexuality. The Pride movement can trace its roots back to the trans women of colour that stood up for equal rights at the Stonewall Inn, New York in 1969.”

Jemima Jefferson, who founded the GWN in 2008 added “I am saddened that the spirit of Pride can be diverted to focus on a tiny minority of transphobic women and I am keen to ensure that the GWN remains open and welcoming for all LGBTQ+ women.”

The London Gay Women’s Network aims to give lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer + (LGBTQ+) professional women access to career development and networking opportunities in an inclusive and welcoming space, and to support positive change for LGBTQ+ women in the workplace.

We welcome women from all sectors, levels and industries.

“I was looking for a way to network with like-minded professional gay women, build my business network and access career development opportunities – I’ve found it! Thank you GWN.”

“I attended your Networking dinner, which had Angela Eagle, MP as a guest speaker. I had never been to an event like this but will be coming to all your events from now on. Everyone was so welcoming, and I don’t think I have met so many interesting and inspiring women in one evening before. Keep up the wonderful work.”

“Safe space and a network where people are willing to support each other because they have something in common.” 

“I’ve met some amazing people to develop my career network.”


Our main focus is to provide LGBTQ+ women with access to career development and professional networking opportunities. Throughout the year, we run a number of workshops and career-focused events for our members, such as panel discussions and professional skills workshops.


In addition to large events hosted by our corporate allies, we also aim to offer tailored events which are inclusive of the wide range of professions our members are drawn from.


Our social events are always very popular and we run a variety throughout the year. These include our Monthly Networking Socials, both in the City and Canary Wharf, giving you a great chance to meet other LGBTQ+ professional women.