About GWNM

GWN Multicultural (GWNM) is a multicultural sub group of the Gay Women’s Network, which runs a series of events throughout the year. For more information please email us, or sign up to the mailing list by using the button below.

GWN Multicultural started its focus work with LGBT women of Asian heritage in December 2009 as GWN Asia. The initial desire was to enable Asian LGBT women to meet and reduce the sense of isolation associated with being a minority within a minority, and to re-affirm an identity as a confident LGBT professional of colour by interacting with people similar to one self. Recognising the need and popularity for events that resonate with LGBT professionals of all ethnic minority backgrounds the remit expanded to all under-represented ethnicities and was re-branded GWN Multicultural (GWNM) in June 2010.

Current members of GWN Multicultural include those who identify themselves as Chinese, Singaporean, Indian, Mixed Race, Caribbean, Black and Japanese.


Create an inviting space for LGBT ethnic minority professional women where professional development and cultural identity intersect.

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Feedback from our members

“Meeting with and being open with other gay and minority ethnic women is wonderful and comfortable.”


Safe Space

    • Create a safe space for professional ethnic minority LGBT women, where they can be comfortable and let different aspects of their identify be visible
    • Act as a conduit to the wider GWN group
    • Provide a platform to concentrate on issues relating to ethnic minority LGBT women

Celebrate Culture

    • Organise events and provide an environment that celebrates the diversity within GWN
    • Raise awareness of minority cultures in a positive context and combat racial stereotyping

Professional Development

    • Organise events and programmes that support the professional development of LGBT ethnic minority women

Role Models

    • Raise the profile of LGBT women from an ethnic minority background
    • Create visibility of positive professional LGBT ethnic minority women role models