Virtual lunch & learn series

Fortnightly discussion and networking sessions on a range of topics

  • Location

    Online (Zoom)

  • Date

    Every 2 weeks on Tuesdays

  • Time
    1 – 2pm

GWN is launching a series of virtual Lunch & Learn sessions, on Tuesdays from 1 – 2pm. These sessions will act as a temporary replacement for our regular lunch meetings in the City, and allow us to continue engaging with our members during this period of social distancing.

For each session one of our Committee members will briefly introduce the specialist subject and afterwards you’ll be able to share your thoughts and experiences in smaller groups.

So just like our informal lunches, but conversations will be focused on a specific topic and you don’t have to leave the (home) office. Feel free to bring your lunch to the session if you would like!

The subjects are topical but wide ranging – from digital wellbeing and the dangers of constant connectivity, to entrepreneurship during lockdown. This is an opportunity to explore how this period of isolation has brought out amazing resourcefulness, productivity and creativity in some of us!

First session, 11 August, 1 – 2pm
Digital Wellbeing

This session will explore how to avoid the dangers of constant digital connectivity, and is facilitated by Nicola Raw, Learning and Development Consultant at Linklaters. Nicola will share some insights on how our constant connectivity and mobile devices could be impacting our attention, mental health and sleep. You’ll be given the opportunity to break out into virtual groups to discuss this subject matter with those in your group.

Pre-registration is not required. To join the session on 11 August please use the link distributed in the GWN newsletter. If you’re not already on the list you can sign up here.

Planned future sessions

11 August – Digital wellbeing: how to avoid the dangers of constant digital connectivity (CONFIRMED)
25 August – How to run virtual events and the latest from Pride in London (CONFIRMED)
8 September – Switching off: how to find balance when home has become your office (CONFIRMED)
22 September – Entrepreneurship during lockdown: how I set up a business in 24 hours (Date TBC)
6 October – Meditation: how a small but regular time commitment to a new skill will change your life (CONFIRMED)
20 October – How to stay motivated during lockdown (Date TBC)

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