Tips when attending GWN and Partner events

On Arrival: Most events require pre-registration. If you are issued a confirmation or ticket please bring this along as it will help speed up admission and ensure you are at the right event.

Dress code: Members often ask us about dress code for events. GWN encourages members to be themselves but here are some tips to help you plan.

  • Corporate hosted workshops and training events (e.g. panel discussions): business or business casual.
  • GWN dinners and networking events: business casual or smart casual.
  • Informal lunches and other activities: casual or event appropriate – for example, comfortable shoes for city walks.
  • If in doubt then go for business casual and be comfortable!

Attendees: GWN events are attended mostly by GWN members and invited guests, which could include:

  • Our sponsors or hosts, facilitators, and LGBT Network members.
  • Some events (such as panel discussions) may include our male counterparts – as attendees, speakers or hosts.
  • If you would like to know more about the attendees at a particular event please email us.

Participation: GWN encourages participation at our events but we do so in a spirit of mutual respect for other attendees and our hosts. We won’t always share the same viewpoint, but we come together to share different perspectives and to learn from each other.

Sponsors and Hosts: GWN would not be able to serve our network (often holding free events) without the generosity and support of our sponsors, many of whom are corporations who both fund and host events. The inclusiveness and thoughtfulness of our members at events is one of the reasons our sponsors continue to support the work we do.

Safe Space: GWN exists to bring LGBTQ+ women together for Career, Development and Networking, and to do so in an inclusive space. By that we mean a welcome environment to interact with each other and feel safe – especially for members that may not be ‘out’.

Find a buddy: If you are new to GWN or you’re unsure about an event email us and we can arrange for someone to contact you beforehand and be your event buddy!

Key points of contact:

  • GWN Co-chairs – Jenny Fallover and Rhiannon Paine
    (The co-chairs represent the entire network and are the primary point of contact across the network)
  • GWN Multicultural – (GWNM works closely with multicultural members)
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