About GWN Multicultural

GWN Multicultural (GWNM) provides a welcoming space to support professional development while focusing on multicultural identities. We host events and activities to encourage women of different ethnic groups, cultures and backgrounds to actively interact and contribute to the wider network.

GWN Multicultural was started as GWN Asia in 2009 by Arti Agrawal. Arti’s initial desire was to provide a space for Asian LGBTQ+ women to meet and reduce the sense of isolation associated with being a minority within a minority. Recognising the need and popularity of events that resonate with LBGTQ+ professionals of varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds, the remit expanded to all under-represented ethnicities and cultures. The group was re-branded to GWN Multicultural (GWNM) in June 2010.

GWN Multicultural reflects the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community in London, with members from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds including Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean.

Activities include

  • professional workshops
  • panel events
  • networking
  • informal cultural lunches and outings
  • exclusive GWNM dinners
  • mentoring and shared learning

Multicultural events are open to all. Those on our mailing list will get a heads-up, especially when spaces are limited, and will be able to influence the events we host and get involved in our events and activities.


  • Offer a safe space for professional development
  • Promote visible professional LBGTQ+ role models from under-represented ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • Provide a platform for dialogue, and feature topics relevant to underrepresented ethnic and cultural groups
  • Embrace culture by organising events and providing an environment that celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Create an environment to promote learning and interaction amongst different ethnic and cultural identities, and combat stereotyping

If you would like more information about GWNM or to join our mailing list (all are welcome), please email us or subscribe to the GWNM mailing list by ticking the ‘GWN Multicultural’ checkbox on our signup form.

Founding members of GWN Multicultural

Arti Argrawal

Arti is a Physicist and does research in Optics and teaches subjects in Physics and Electrical Engineering at City University of London. She is passionate about equality and diversity in all aspect of life. She spends a lot of time promoting equality for women in Science and Engineering, as well as for LGBT people. Arti was the driving force behind GWN Multicultural.

“GWNM is extremely relevant today as we recognise that people can‘t be put in neat boxes or categories. Many of us have an intersectional or composite identity, for example being LGBT and mixed race/BME, or disabled and LGBT. Thus it’s key to have spaces like GWNM where we can be ourselves in the fullest sense without having to minimise or hide part of our identity, and meet other people like us. GWNM also is a bridge for interaction with the larger LGBT community and to share understanding of issues around sexuality, race and cultural heritage.”

Emmeline Tang

Emmeline works at Amazon Web Services where she is the EMEA Engineering Manager and champions the LGBT Network for the region.

“Visible role models are not only important to the community, but also an inspiration for those who are struggling in the closet. GWN Multicultural is unique. It is a safe and welcoming melting pot for women to celebrate authenticity. There is no other space I know of that intersects sexual orientation, professional and cultural identities.”

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