Pride in London

GWN walking group

  • Date
    Saturday 7 July 2018
  • Location
    Pre-pride breakfast at Kaffeine – Eastcastle Street

    Parade starts near Kaffeine – see details below for instructions

  • Time
    Breakfast from 11am to 12.15

    Please note you must meet us at the breakfast venue to collect your wristband by 12.15, even if you’re not joining us for breakfast

This year GWN has a walking group in the parade at Pride in London.

Our group has 40 spaces which we’re allocating on a first come, first served basis. These tickets will be very popular, so please only book a space if you definitely intend to join us on the day, and make sure you cancel your spot if you can no longer make it.

Details for registered walkers

T-shirts and colours
: GWN has explored options for marchers to have a GWN branded T-shirt if they wish. Please click here to order your T-shirt directly. There is a delivery charge, so we suggest that you arrange with friend/s if you want to share the added cost. Please note the ordering of T-shirts is not managed by GWN.

We encourage marchers to get a printed T-shirts – it not pride branded, so can be used for other events. If you are unable to get a T-shirt please wear a white top. Feel free to add rainbow colours!

Pre-Pride Breakfast: As usual we will meet before the march to socialise and get ready! This year we will meet at Kaffeine – Eastcastle Street from 11am to 12.15. It is quite small (great for coffee and bite) so PLEASE confirm your attendance by selecting the ‘join us for breakfast and wait list’ option in our booking system.

Wristbands and Walking: Wristbands (which are required to march) will be distributed at the pre pride breakfast 11am to 12.15. Please note you must meet us at the breakfast venue to collect your wristband by 12.15, even if you’re not joining us for breakfast. This is because the organisers have told us that they won’t be letting people into the parade area without wristbands.

If you can’t find us but are able to get into the parade area our marching position is: Section 05C, Position 13.

Please be sure to read the parade guidelines.

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