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GWN Walking Tour

  • Location
    Meeting point: Bermondsey Station
  • Date
    Saturday 16 September
  • Time
This gourmand’s tour will start at Bermondsey Station where we head off on an exploration of South London, an area that has been linked with food production for many years. It was the home to many household brand names such as: Jacobs Cream Crackers, Cross and Blackwell, Hartley’s Jam, Courage Beer, Pearce Duff, Spiller’s dog biscuits, Lipton’s, Sarson’s vinegar, and Peak Freans. We will talk about the history of London’s food and why this area became known for canning, bottling, distilling and brewing.

We will continue the tour through South London visiting the Druid Street and Maltby Street markets – these are new and expanding food markets that are not advertised and are relatively unknown to non-Londoners and Londoners alike. They are a treasure trove of street food and places to eat and drink.

Please book in advance by emailing Emma. Cost: £12 pp.

Full details on where to meet and where we finish the tour will be included in the booking confirmation.

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