The role of GWN Multicultural

Coffee and chat

  • Location

    BFI Southbank, Belvedere Road, South Bank, London, SE1 8XT (by the side of Benugo)

  • Date

    Saturday 17 December

  • Time

We would like to talk with you about the future of GWN Multicultural. Over a coffee at BFI (by the side of Benugo’s) on Saturday 17th December, please join Arti Agrawal for an informal chat. What do you want to see GWNM doing? What is the relevance of a group for women of BME LGBT identity? GWN Multicultural is a group established for the benefit of its members, so your thoughts and input are welcome. This group is not just for women who identify themselves as BME. We also welcome women who are from other cultures who appreciate a multicultural space to meet.

Many of you know that Arti is the founder of GWN Multicultural. At the time of its establishment in 2010, there was a genuine need for a safe space for gay women from an ethnic minority to meet. Six years later, is there still a need and what should it look like?

Please do let us know if you can join us. If you wish to come long, please let us know by email at If you are unavailable but still want to be part of the discussion, feel free to contact us on and we can have the discussion separately.

We look forward to meeting you on the 17th.

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